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Updated: May 26, 2023

This is my first ever blog post. 2023 has been a great year so far. Upon graduating in December, and starting my year searching for jobs felt like a second birth for me, like I have spawned into the real world, finally.

This year I was heavily introduced to Artificial Intelligence and the ever-growing world within it. I knew from the very beginning, that this is some sort of a calling to me. All I wanted to do from there, as I still do now, is to just keep learning as much of it as I ca

n, keeping up with all news related, and also find a way to make it useful to me and my career. Since then, I have been swimming in the field trying to gather up as much information I can and trying to do my best to interact within the community on Twitter.

I also landed a job at reputable bank in Canada which is great. Having an on-going full time job on the side which also boosts my credentials, as well as funding whatever side endeavors I have is really helpful. I feel excited, privileged, and content in where I am now and where I am headed in my future. I can't quite grasp how that might look like yet, or what it is I fully bank on doing, but I know that I am now ready to put in the work to succeed.

Investing on the side is also another great thing I am grateful to start doing now with a stable income. This world & field is something I long was interested in, but now that I have the access I am excited to also learn and seek out more knowledge in investing, especially in the technology industry.

Now that I have finally started and wrote my first blog, I am looking forward to continuing on where I left off with my brand. My Consulting business is something that has been on my mind for ages and makes me very sad that I left it off the last month and a half - however, in this time I was taking my first few steps in my job, dealing with training and understanding the rhythm. Now that I feel settled, I must begin experimenting and mastering the various ideas of services I can provide for my clients.

I have my eye on many local businesses in my area that I see so much potential in helping and growing my brand and value. There is so much to chase after.

As for my YouTube account, I still have not forgotten my promise of at-least 10 videos. The sky is the limit from there. But as for now, I need to start planning out where I should continue my current playlist of reviewing various AI products, or start something new and maybe come back to another time. I just have a couple of steps I need to complete before I can prepare starting my next script. However, one thing is for certain, the production quality is 100% going to improve. Very excited.

Until we meet again.


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