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Case Study: Transforming Thrive Select Thrift - AI Powered Marketing Revolution

Updated: Dec 8, 2023


Discover the journey of integrating AI into the heart of Thrive Select Thrift’s marketing strategy. This case study unfolds how AI, particularly ChatGPT, revolutionized content creation, social media engagement, and data analysis, propelling an NGO’s social enterprise to new heights of digital success.

Thrive Select Thrift

Welcome to Thrive Select Thrift, a unique gem in the heart of Ottawa, where shopping is not just about finding great deals, but also about making a difference. As the social enterprise arm of Big Brothers Big Sisters of Ottawa, the store is more than just a thrift shop; it's a community-driven initiative that transforms your purchases into support for local youth mentoring programs. From high-quality, gently-used clothing to a variety of accessories, every item in our store carries a story of sustainability and community support. Here, every find is a step towards nurturing young lives and promoting a culture of reuse and recycle. Dive into a world where your shopping choices echo with purpose and style.


  1. Initiation: As an RBC associate tasked with NGO business development, I identified the potential in Thrive Select Thrift to leverage AI for enhancing marketing efforts, crucial for revenue growth and community impact.

  2. AI Integration: Utilizing ChatGPT, I analyzed marketing data, identifying pain points and opportunities. This AI tool became pivotal in content creation – structuring videos, scripting, captioning, and brainstorming, fostering a significant increase in organic social media engagement and followers.

  3. Outcome and Impact: The collaboration led to remarkable organic growth in viewership, matching levels previously achieved only through paid promotions – a significant milestone for a budget-conscious social enterprise.

  4. Training and Empowerment: I developed comprehensive job aids and trained the staff in AI tools and video editing, fostering self-sufficiency in content creation and volunteer management.

  5. Future Endeavors and AI Dashboard: The next phase involves developing an AI dashboard, integrating various business functions for streamlined operation. This ambitious project aims to set a precedent in AI application within the NGO sector.

  6. Ongoing Role and Expansion: As an AI consultant, I continue to guide Thrive Select Thrift in leveraging AI across their operations, ensuring sustained growth and innovation.


During my time with Thrive Select Thrift which I spent the last 3 months working at between the months of September and November 2023, developing strategies and implementing AI tools. The implementation of my marketing strategy saw growth in their social media platforms, as well as in their sales. Here are examples of the following platforms that saw an increase in reach to potential customers, with pictures showcasing the data.

  • Instagram: We had seen an increase in organic reach for reels posted on both Instagram and Facebook. Instagram in particular saw a gain of 72.2% in accounts reached.

  • Tik Tok: The store did not have much engagement or involvement on their Tik Tok platform. Posting the same reels in a consistent manner also saw a growth of 83.3% in Video Views, and 121.02% in accounts reached.

  • Sales: Over the course of implementing the marketing strategy. We saw an increase of 10.53% in total average dollars spent in store, as well as a 5.4% Increase in Gross Sales.

Operations at Thrive Select Thrift

During my time in the store, I also had the opportunity to have colleagues of mine interview the store manager, Hope Wood, and discussed how Thrive Select Thrift attain their stock of clothing and how it is distributed.


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