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Windows + Copilot: "The Next Generation of Windows"

The 23rd of May, 2023 dated another historic moment for the development of Artificial Intelligence and the growth of Microsoft. Hosting their last keynote event, Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, introduced the curious crowd to new developments of their AI technology, further integrating it into their Windows software as well as the Azure infrastructure. Using the technology of ChatGPT-4 by partners, OpenAI, to power various products and services, such as Bing, Copilot, Fabric and Windows.

Let's begin with Copilot and define just what it exactly is. Copilot is what Microsoft has branded and named their AI assistant platform which it's purpose to be integrated to Office apps, Dynamics, Teams, GitHub, Viva, and now Windows. The goal essentially is to provide users to produce effective and creative work effortlessly. The rise of Artificial Intelligence being described as the new Industrial Revolution, it is to not surprise that this technology is slowly but surely being integrated to all the various applications and platforms that the everyday consumer uses.

Satya Nadella mentioned this metaphor describing humans and machines, and as he found it beautiful, so did I. It went along the lines of how computers are in essence, like a bicycle for our minds, which makes a lot of sense when put thought into it. Now, with the introduction of AI and Copilot, as Nadella described it, this is like going from a bicycle to the steam engine. Thinking along the lines of this analogy, this advancement can only inspire the endless possibilities of productivity and creation.

With the many new products and services announced in this event, I wanted to focus mainly on the integration of Copilot into the Windows software, which I believe most casual users will have the most hands-on experience with. Windows 11 will be the first version to see the first iteration of Copilot into the operating system. Being implemented into the taskbar, there will eb a new Copilot button that will be able to allow users to ask questions and also perform complex actions or requests through natural language, which will be communicated to the artificial intelligence assistant. From features from optimizing your computer's performance for certain tasks, to integrating connections to other applications like recommending the right Spotify playlist for you while you work. Windows Copilot is expected to launch in preview next month of, June 2023.

Nadella ends with a tease that there will be a "next generation of Windows" that is supposedly to unlock a much greater economic opportunity for developers and creators. Some may find this intimidating, with the growing anxiety of what will come with the rise of AI. Is it here to stay? Is it here to take our jobs? Are we headed to a future dystopia, or eutopia?

I personally believe that it will always come down to an individual's attitude and approach to future on whether it's impact is left positive or negative. For myself, I would at least want to remain excited and curious, always open to learn more to truly utilize whatever I can grab with my hands and eyes. These tools are made for us to use and take advantage of, simply sitting on the water with no motion will leave those to the inevitability of being washed away. How do you see the impact of AI on humanity?


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